Robert Plant Teams Up With Robert Fripp And Roger Daltrey To Protest The Copyright Law In UK

Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant, The Who member Roger Daltrey and King Crimson legend Robert Fripp joined the over 150 British musicians to call out Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the copyright law in the country.

As you might already know, the streaming industry is growing rapidly in the last five months, and there is a lot of content around the music. In fact, Trivium star Matt Heafy is also a Twitch streamer.

Because of the rising shift through the streaming industry, British musicians want to protect their rights and criticized the current copyright system by saying that it is outdated.

While the musicians were saying that it couldn’t keep up with the technology, they also mentioned that streaming is now replacing radio, but the law is not protecting their rights on the streaming platforms.

Here is the official statement from the musicians:

“Streaming is quickly replacing radio as our main means of music communication. However, the law has not kept up with the pace of technological change.

Streaming is replacing radio so musicians should get the same protection when their work is played on streaming platforms as they get when it’s played on radio.”

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