Robert Plant Still Calls Himself The ‘Golden God’ In Third Person, According To Pamela Des Barres


Famous rock and roll groupie Pamela Des Barres revealed that Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant has humorously still called himself the ‘Golden God’ in a recent conversation with Louder Sound.

Pamela Des Barres dreamed of meeting his favorite rock stars one day while she was a teenager. She idolized stars like Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Meeting and dating Paul McCartney in the future was one of her biggest dreams. After she met with the Rolling Stones icons Charlie Watts and Billy Wyman, thanks to her high school friend, this became a turning point in her life.

Barres started to hang out with the Rolling Stones and the Byrds members. Thus she became a famous groupie who met and had a relationship with many rock celebrities. Mick Jagger, whom Barres dreamed of as a young girl, was one of these names. She also stated in a past interview that she was in love with the romantic rocker Jimmy Page.

Led Zeppelin lead vocalist Robert Plant was also among the rock stars she had a relationship with in the past. Barres revealed in a recent conversation that they are still close, and he reminds her of Mick Jagger as he is also happy with himself.

According to her, although he knows how important he is, Plant is not an arrogant person. Barres defined the rocker in the interview as the sexiest man in the world and god of rock. She also noted that Plant still humorously describes himself as ‘Golden God’ in the third person.

About Robert Plant, Pamela Des Barres said:

“We’re still very, very close. He’s another one who reminds me of Mick Jagger in that he’s happy with who he is; he’s happy with what he’s done with his life. He’s happy being who he is right now and who he was then. He’s very aware of how important he is, but at the same time, very humble because he knows it was a long time ago, and he’s not selling the records he used to. But he’s okay with it all.

And he’s the sexiest guy in the world still. The way he walks. He is a rock god. He still jokingly calls himself the Golden God in the third person. And smart, oh my god. He’s another one, like Mick Jagger, everyone around him high, stoned, crawling around. He never did. In control. Leo. Leo pride. He still does the thing with the mane. He’s very happy.”

Famous groupie Barres is still meeting and spending time with rock stars. Robert Plant is one of these celebrities she maintains her friendship with after all these years. As Barres explained, they came together recently and had nostalgic moments by talking about the old days.