Robert Plant Reflects On If He Has A Relationship With Alison Krauss


Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant joined an interview with People and explained why he didn’t want to have a romantic relationship with Alison Krauss.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss first met back in 2004 at a Lead Belly tribute concert and performed the Lead Belly song ‘Black Girl.’ Following the performance, Plant became impressed with Krauss’ talent and set his mind on working with her on a new project. Thus, they went into the studio in 2006 to record an album together.

Plant and Kruss released a successful hit album titled ‘Raising Sand’ in 2007. The album became an instant success, won numerous awards, and topped the charts. Following the release and the album’s achievements, the fans expected a follow-up album. However, they didn’t collaborate for a long time since then.

However, they excited the fans by announcing they will release a follow-up to their first album ‘Raising Sand.’ Titled ‘Raise The Roof,’ the album was released on November 19, 14 years after ‘Raising Sand’s release. Besides, it marks a remarkable change in Robert Plant’s career as ‘Raise The Roof’ is far from being a rock album.

Although there were rumors about a romantic relationship between Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, it turned out that their partnership was only work-related. However, in a recent interview by People, Plant reflected on these rumors and what would happen if there was a romantic interest between the two.

In the interview by People, Plant and Krauss talked about these rumors about them having a romantic relationship. Krauss said that they still hear about that, and Plant clarified that they have a musical relationship only. He then stated that they would be in trouble if they had a relationship, and they are just really good friends.

Asked about the rumors about them in People’s interview, Alison Krauss said:

“I haven’t heard it in a long time, but we did. We still do.”

Before Krauss clarified their relationship, Robert Plant intervened:

“But not that one. We have a musical one. Because if we had that one, we’d be in trouble now. Trouble, party of one.”

He then continued:

“We’re just good. I think we are determined and gritty. We like the idea of seeing things straight down the line, no fluffy stuff. So if we don’t get it right, we have to move on. And we’re friends, really good friends, so we can reach a ‘no’ really quickly if it’s not feeling right.”

Despite the rumors, it seems Robert Plant and Alison Krauss are not romantically interested in each other. Instead, their relationship is work-related, and they are just focused on making musical efforts together.

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