Robert Plant On Life After Led Zeppelin: Alison Krauss Is ‘Manna From Heaven’

Robert Plant is happy to work with Alison Krauss after his career with Led Zeppelin.

The singer recently joined an interview with USA Today and said the following about staying in music if he hadn’t met Alison:

“I’ve been really fortunate because it was such a formative time in my life when Led Zeppelin came to a screeching halt and I had to keep moving and find a new place to do what I do and challenge myself… This woman sitting next to me is manna from heaven.”

In 2007, Plant and Krauss released the duet album ‘Raising Sand,’ which won several Grammys and went platinum. They toured the US and Europe, playing songs from the album and reworked Led Zeppelin tunes. In 2021, they released a follow-up album, ‘Raise the Roof.’

Plant Speaks On His Musical Relationship With Krauss

In a previous interview with Billboard, Plant reflected on his dynamic with Alison after working together for so long:

“I just think that we’re really, really firm friends. And we confer and listen to each other when we have options. It’s really good because we don’t tangle. Obviously life off the road is — we’re so far away from each other that these moments of hanging out or telephone conversations, or we’ll be coming back to Nashville in April — all those sort of things is all stuff to look forward to. So we’re never around each other long enough to get tired of anything. It’s just a growing condition, really.”

The rocker also talked about the possibility of a third album with Krauss, explaining:

“I can’t see any reason why not. I suppose if we wait another 14 years it could be a bit dicey for me, to be honest. I might find it a little bit difficult hitting a top C. But we can say it really works well, and we enjoy each other and that’s a great thing — so it seems like a great idea.”

The two musicians just started their Can’t Let Go Tour in the United States. Their next scheduled show is in Camdenton, Missouri on June 4. After performing until June 19 in different cities, they will have a short break and continue their live shows on August 8.