Robert Plant Addresses The Real Reason He Rejected The Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour

After completing a very successful one-off reunion in 2007, Led Zeppelin’s former singer Robert Plant didn’t want to do a whole reunion tour. Unlike the circulating rumors that he rejected it for Allison Krauss, during his conversation with Rolling Stone, Plant revealed that he simply didn’t want to reunite with the band.

Led Zeppelin permanently disbanded after the tragic death of their drummer John Bonham in 1980. The band members moved on with their lives, establishing solo careers, but no member disconnected themselves from Led Zeppelin more than Robert Plant. After the breakup, the band reunited for one-off shows, mainly for charity events like the Live Aid in 1985 and the Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert in 2007.

Their 2007 performance was a huge success for the band. There were 20,000 tickets available for sale, yet, around 20 million applications were submitted to purchase the tickets, which broke a world record. The concert was remarkable and raised the hopes for a proper reunion, but Robert Plant wasn’t warming up to the idea.

It was rumored that Plant had chosen a different direction and wanted to continue his career with Allison Krauss, going on tour to follow up their album’ Raising Sand.’ In his recent interview, he addressed this topic 14 years later. Plant stated that it was not about Krauss, but he was determined that it was a one-off show for a good cause and didn’t consider a whole reunion.

Here is what he recently stated about the chance of a reunion:

“It was nothing like that. Basically, we were lined up to do what we were going to do, and that gig was a one-off gig for all the right reasons: to kickstart a charitable trust for students in the name of Ahmet Ertegun. Everybody’s around going, ‘Look, this could be great,’ and you knew what it took to get it to that point, and you knew what it might take. The conversation didn’t even involve three people.”

The singer also remembered the 2007 concert in a 2012 interview. Apparently, although the show was a huge hit, he didn’t attend the afterparty but instead went out by himself to drink and then slept the night. He also slid out a comment about ‘examining your own mortality,’ which might have been the reason that he didn’t want to be with Led Zeppelin anymore.

This was what he stated in 2012:

“I ended up in the Marathon pub in Camden, drank four bottles of Keo lager and half a bottle of vodka, then went to bed. Because I had to get away from it. I’d done it. I had to go. It was too heavy. Beautiful, but talk about examining your own mortality! Crazy.”

Robert Plant has been associated with Led Zeppelin since its formation in 1968, and even though the band was a huge accomplishment, it is also a reminder of their late drummer John Bonham. In the one-off reunions, John’s son Jason accompanied the band in the drums, but it seems like their performances are a constant reminder of heavy and sorrowful events.