Robert Fripp Recalls Jimi Hendrix Calling King Crimson ’The Best Band In The World’


King Crimson icon Robert Fripp shared his first meeting with the late musician Jimi Hendrix in a Fripp’s spoken-word show clip, released on Facebook. The guitarist recalled finding out that Hendrix defined them as the greatest band in the world.

Fripp and Hendrix met for the first time while King Crimson was performing at The Revolution Club in Mayfair in 1969, which became a memorable moment for the guitar player. It was one of their first shows after founding the band in 1968, and they were working on their debut studio album ‘In the Court of the Crimson King.’ They were probably highly excited when Hendrix came to watch them.

The longtime dedicated Hendrix fans know that he always listened to records from other musicians, such as Mr. Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band, The Beatles, The Bee Gees, The Byrds, Cream, and many more. Therefore it’s not surprising that he went to see a new one. Fripp recalled that following the band’s performance, Hendrix came to shake his hand, which proved his appreciation and admiration for them.

Robert Fripp unveiled that he once came across original Crimson drummer Michael Giles’ sister in a bookshop, and they had a chance to talk about that crazy night almost a decade after Hendrix passed away. She revealed that she was sitting next to Hendrix’s table and saw him jumping throughout the performance. The most important thing she heard was Hendrix’s saying, ‘King Crimson is the best band in the world.’

Fripp recalled that day saying:

“She said to me, ‘Do you remember the time when Hendrix came to see King Crimson?’ I said, ‘Of course I do – it’s my Hendrix story!’ She said, ‘Do you know that I was sitting at the next table to Jimi Hendrix? He was jumping up and down and saying, ‘This is the best group in the world.'”

Fripp and his manager David Singleton’s tour, An Evening With That Awful Man and His Manager’s North America shows will start on September 16, 2022, in Toronto and end on October 9, in Chicago. The fans have been looking forward to hearing more unforgettable stories from the guitarist.