Rob Zombie Shares A Video Of His New Pet And Slams Non-Vegans For Eating Meat


The founding member of the American heavy metal band White Zombie, Rob Zombie, recently posted a video on his Instagram account and drew attention to how hypocritical it is to eat meat but still love animals, and his statement was supported by numerous fans and his bandmate John 5.

As you know, Rob Zombie is a multi-talented metal star who enjoys exploring his interests and gifts as an artist. He co-founded the successful metal band White Zombie back in 1985 and then started working on his solo career in 1996. He’s also known for his career as a music video and movie director but his themes are often described as violent.

Although his directorial debut, the black comedy horror film ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ was criticized by some for having ‘too much blood’ in it, Rob Zombie himself is quite a non-violent person. In fact, both he and his wife have been vegans since 1982, and Rob often uses his social media platforms to raise awareness on the unhealthy and negative aspects of consuming meat.

In his recent post, he shared a video of a little piglet and asked his fans whether their first thought is that he’s really cute or that they’d like to ‘slit his throat while he’s screaming in terror‘ so that they can eat something very unhealthy. His valid point on the hypocrisy of eating meat was applauded by many such as his bandmate John 5 and some fans even thanked Rob for encouraging them to become vegan.

Here’s what Rob Zombie said in the caption of his recent post:

“Quick question. Was your first thought ‘he’s cute’ or ‘boy, I’d love to slit his throat while he’s screaming in terror so I could eat something really bad for me?’ Just curious.”

John 5 commented:

“Very cute, a long life.”

And a fan commented:

I always credit you for inspiring me to go vegan.”

You can check out the video that Rob Zombie posted on his Instagram account below.