Rob Zombie Refers To Gene Simmons Claims That Rock Is Dead, ‘Can We All Agree Rock Ain’t Dead’

Filmmaker and musician Rob Zombie shared a new post on his official Instagram account and replied to the claims of KISS bass guitarist Gene Simmons.

Back in 2014, Gene stated that the rock genre is dead because record labels were failing to support the bands. Afterward, he stood behind this statement and said that rock is still dead because there are no new bands to keep it alive.

After Rob’s newest solo album, named The Lunar Injection Kool-Aid Eclipse Conspiracy, reached to the top 10 on the United States’ Billboard 200 charts, and he wanted to celebrate this success.

As Rob was celebrating this achievement, he also referred to the claims of Gene and said that the rock genre isn’t dead at all. Because if it did, he couldn’t make a success with his album.

Here is what Rob Zombie wrote:

It took long enough but it finally happened. Can we all agree rock ain’t dead… Or maybe it’s undead!”

You can check out the post by clicking here.