Rob Zombie Recalls Being Dumped By Universal Studios

From its concept to completion, making a film can be a roller coaster ride, and for Rob Zombie, the journey of creating ‘House Of 1000 Corpses’ was no exception. Recently, the musician took a trip down memory lane when he stumbled upon a picture from the film’s troubled production. He then posted this photo on Instagram and recalled the tough times he faced after being let go by Universal Studios.

Zombie shared the nostalgic photo with his followers and revealed that it was an image he had not seen before, taken after Universal Studios had pulled the plug on his project. Left with a skeleton crew of just three, including himself, the director admitted he was put in a tight spot. Zombie then confessed that the situation looked quite grim, but he pressed on, committed to getting the movie done despite the odds.

Rob Zombie’s Instagram post read:

“Just seeing this pic for the first time. This is after being dumped by Universal. By 2001, I was basically down to a three-man crew shooting the remaining scenes. Myself, Wayne Toth, and production designer Gregg Gibbs. At this point, things looked pretty grim, but I pushed on to get the movie done. In the words of Baby, ‘Whatever there is to do… you do it.'”

Upon seeing Zombie’s post, a fan left a heartfelt comment that spoke for many. He highlighted the struggles that Zombie faced and praised his resilience in not giving up, even when a major studio like Universal had. The fan further pointed out that Universal had missed out on a cult classic, and Zombie’s self-belief outshined the studio’s lack of faith in his project.

One of his fans then commented:

“So many struggles, but you didn’t give up. Universal screwed up big time. They had a cult classic, and they let it go. And others to follow. It isn’t easy making a film, and then someone like Universal giving up; most would have quit. I don’t know if anyone would have kept going. I hope others will see your accomplishments continuing even when others don’t believe in you. You didn’t stop believing in yourself or your filmmaking.”

‘House Of 1000 Corpses’ didn’t have the easiest start, but Rob Zombie’s commitment played a crucial role in its eventual success. Despite being initially shelved by Universal Studios due to concerns about an NC-17 rating, the film was later completed and released. As a result of Zombie’s determination, ‘House Of 1000 Corpses’ has since achieved cult status.

Photo Credit: Rob Zombie – Instagram