Rob Halford Is Glad Dolly Parton Got Recognition As A Rock Musician

In a new interview with NME, the singer discussed Dolly Parton’s recognition as a rock musician and her place in the rock music community after the release of her first rock album, ‘Rockstar.’ Sharing his appreciation for the singer, Halford said:

“I’m just so pleased for this woman to get the recognition in that genre, because initially she turned it down. She genuinely felt, ‘This isn’t right for me. Thanks for the respect and everything, but I’m Dolly and I do bla bla bla.’ But of course, she’s had a blast, and all these people lined up to perform with her. Again, it’s a testimony to the importance. She’s this living breathing icon of music. It’s nuts.”

Who Parton Worked With In ‘Rockstar’

Parton’s rock album, ‘Rockstar,’ dropped on November 17. Even though she is originally a country singer, Parton decided to switch from her main genre to make a rock album filled entirely with rock covers of popular songs— both rock and pop.

In addition to her thought of making a rock album, she did sing all the songs herself. The singer worked with numerous singers, most of whom being the original singers of the songs, including Miley Cyrus, Sting, Paul McCartney, and Pat Benatar.

Parton Initially Did Not Accept The Nomination

Before the release of her rock album, the singer had been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2022. One month after receiving her first-ever nomination for consideration by the Rock Hall in February, Parton surprised her fans and Rock Hall voters by initially rejecting the nomination. Despite being eligible for Rock Hall entry for over 30 years, the singer-songwriter and country star felt she hadn’t earned the right. In a statement, she expressed her gratitude but declined the honor. However, Parton later decided to accept the nomination at the end of April.

You can watch the interview below.