Rob Halford Announces The Death Of Judas Priest Legend, Drummer Of The Debut Album, John Hinch

Judas Priest lead vocalist Rob ‘Metal God’ Halford confirmed the news about the death of Judas Priest legendary drummer John Hinch at the age of 73 via Instagram Stories.

Even though he has been known for being the drummer of Judas Priest, John Hinch played in different rock bands such as The Pinch, The Generation, The Bakerloo Blues Line, Bakerloo, and Hiroshima. From 1972 to 1973, Halford and Hinch played in Hiroshima together for the first time before Judas Priest. This was the beginning of a lifetime friendship.

Later, Judas Priest guitarist K. K. Downing and bassist Ian Hill wanted Halford and Hinch to join the band when they saw them playing in Hiroshima. After they joined the band, Judas Priest started to record the debut album ‘Rocka Rolla.’ In 1975, Hinch decided to leave the band because of musical and personal conflicts, especially with Tipton. Hinch continued his career as a music manager.

But no matter what happened in Judas Priest, the friendship between Halford and Hinch remained the same as before. Halford shared an old photo of Hinch sending his condolences to the family of the legendary drummer of Judas Priest and his dearest friend.

You can see the story below.

Photo Credit: Rob Halford – Instagram