Richie Sambora Denies Involvement In Rumors: ‘If It’s Weird, It’s Probably Not Me’

Richie Sambora said it is probably not him if people see him make weird statements on social media.

Some fans are not sure about the accuracy of the guitarist’s X account because he doesn’t have a blue checkmark. He recently wrote the following about it:

“Hey guys, I was in the studio, recording some new stuff for y’all. As far as all this other stuff, if it’s weird it’s probably not me.. nobody has to like everybody. But all the stuff I do write is really me. Ha! So weird… I don’t know what a check is…”

Reactions To Richie’s Words

In the comment section, some users were convinced it was him. One said:

“You are you, and I have no doubt about that. The unique one. Go on and surprise us. Have a nice Sunday. Greetings from Berlin.”

Another one wrote:

“Looking forward to hearing the new stuff Richie. Nowadays, there are so many scammers around which is very sad but I think most people know it’s the real you when you tweet.  I’m so wary generally but I’m convinced it’s you!”

One other fan informed the musician about what a blue checkmark is:

“If you upgrade to premium on X, you get the check, ability to edit posts, and longer media to upload. I’ve enjoyed it.”

Sambora Released His New Song Last Month

Some users also wanted to learn when new music from Richie would arrive. The account is most probably real because names like Brian May also follow it. Sambora released his first new song, ‘I Pray,’ in over ten years on April 25. A source close to him told People after he dropped the track:

“He’s been doing a lot of writing the last couple years. He’s got more singles coming out after this one. His hit writing never stopped. He’s got a bag of hits, and he’s on a songwriting tear.”

The guitarist also released three more songs following ‘I Pray.’ ‘Livin’ Alone’ arrived on May 3, ‘Songs That Wrote My Life’ on May 10, and ‘Believe (In Miracles)’ on May 17. Sambora’s last solo album was ‘Aftermath of the Lowdown’ in 2012, and he also released the LP ‘Radio Free America’ with Orianthi in 2018.

You can see all the tweets below.