Richard Marx Yells At A ‘Disrespectful’ Fan While Rick Springfield Threatens To Pee On Her Work Desk

Richard Marx addressed an individual from his audience who was talking during one of his recent performances.

The incident unfolded at Marx’s tour stop in Port Chester, New York, where he was accompanied by fellow musician Rick Springfield. Despite the interruption, Marx managed to finish his song before directly confronting the disturbance. Springfield was in the midst of performing his 1989 song ‘Angelia’ when a woman in the audience started talking loudly.

“I’m genuinely curious who raised you to think that anything you could yell out was more important than what we were doing. Learn some f*cking manners, lady!”

Meanwhile, Springfield shared that he has experienced similar situations where fans were disrespectful during his performances. As a response, he sarcastically offered a solution to the problem: Peeing on the concertgoer’s work desk.

“Do not piss my friend off. I’m going to come to your work and I’m going to pee on your desk while you’re working.”

Marx’s Earlier Acts Against Disruptive People

Marx has a history of speaking out against disruptive behavior. In 2016, he downplayed his role, insisting he was ‘no big hero’ after reportedly helping restrain an unruly passenger on a Korean Air flight from Hanoi, Vietnam, to Seoul, South Korea.

Marx’s wife Daisy described the four-hour drama on her Instagram, where the passenger became ‘crazy’ and started attacking both flight attendants and passengers. Marx, being the first to assist, helped subdue the individual, who continued to pose a challenge for the crew despite their attempts to control him. Marx expressed concern on Twitter, stating that the crew was ‘completely ill-equipped to handle the situation.’ He emphasized that he and Daisy were safe at home and played down his actions, saying he did what anyone would hope to do in the same situation.

You can see the video below.