RHCP’s Flea Recalls The Time He Continued Partying With Kirk Hammett Even Though He Busted Up His Foot

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea shared a post on his official Instagram stories revealing the time when he partied with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett while the two were at a fundraiser for Silverlake Conservatory despite the fact that Flea’s foot was broken.

As you might know, Silverlake Conservatory was founded by Flea himself and his former band member Keith ‘Tree’ Barry back in 2001. The non-profit music school aimed to fill the void when it comes to music for the young generation and it offers reasonable prices and scholarships to students whose families could not otherwise afford lessons.

Each year, Silverlake Conservatory hosts an annual fundraiser in which Red Hot Chili Peppers often performs their hit songs and other legendary musicians participate in order to help to boost donations for the non-profit music school.

Recently, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist shared a picture on his official Instagram stories revealing the year when he and legendary guitarist Kirk Hammett partied during the fundraiser for Silverlake Conservatory even though Flea’s foot was busted. While sharing a lovely picture together with Metallica guitarist, Flea also revealed how he missed hooping with strangers at the park due to his broken foot.

Here is what Flea said:

“Ha when I busted up my foot hooping and then went to a fundraiser for Silverlake Conservatory and partied with Kirk. I miss hooping at the park with strangers.”

You can see the Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Flea – Instagram Stories