RHCP’s Flea Defends LeBron James After His ‘Little Tantrum’

A missed foul got LeBron James all riled up at the end of regulation in the Lakers’ 125-121 overtime loss to the Boston Celtics on Saturday night. Everyone had much to say about the player’s reaction after the contentious game if you’ve been keeping up with Twitter. Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea also took the platform to show his support for LeBron against all the criticism he received for his ‘over-the-top’ response.

When a user called James’ reaction a tantrum, Flea was quick to respond to defend LeBron, writing, “That’s because you can’t deal with honest emotion from a player who actually cares. It wasn’t just a foul; it was a game and a crucial game for the team. If he just phoned it in, acted like a politician, and took his check, then you’d be cool with it. The referees are corrupt.”

The same user responded to the bassist, saying, “I don’t blame him for being upset, showing emotion. It just seemed way overdramatic, especially considering they still had a full overtime to play. But that’s just me at that moment, and it’s clear that a lot of people see it differently, which I respect.” After the explanation, Flea wrote, “Fair enough. I love basketball a lot.”

After the fierce game, sources not authorized to speak publicly claimed that the NBA officiating staff quickly informed the Lakers that a foul should’ve been called on the play. Later on, crew chief Eric Lewis also shared that the officials should’ve whistled a foul as there was apparent contact by Celtics’ Jayson Tatum. So, LeBron’s so-called ‘tantrum’ was an understandable reaction as it was a crucial game they could have won if the foul had been called. What do you think about his response? Are you with Flea, or do you think it was a ‘tantrum?’