Ranking Top 5 Lifehouse Songs From Worst To Best

Lifehouse, the American rock band that has captured our hearts since 1999, has consistently delivered tunes that were listened to millions of times. Consisting of Jason Wade (lead vocals, guitar), Bryce Soderberg (bass, backing vocals), Ricky Woolstenhulme Jr. (drums, percussion), Steve Stout (lead guitar) this talented group has been active since their formation together. Today, we’ll dive into their discography and rank their top five songs from worst to best, based on Spotify listener numbers.

5. Whatever It Takes (2007)

Our number five is ‘Whatever It Takes,’ released in 2007 as part of their fourth studio album, ‘Who We Are.’ A heartfelt anthem about fighting for love and never giving up, this song resonated with fans worldwide. Jason Wade had mentioned in interviews that was previously published on their own website, that this song was inspired by his own personal experiences. With over 35 million listens on Spotify, it’s clear that ‘Whatever It Takes’ has left an impact on listeners’ hearts.

Jason Wade had said about the song:

“I think the main message of this song, at least for me personally when I was writing the lyrics, is just how difficult it can be to be in a relationship. Sometimes, you do things to disappoint the other person. Letting someone down and trying to repair a relationship that you feel is kind of slipping through your hands a bit.”

4. Broken (2007)

‘Broken,’ a haunting ballad released in 2007, can be found on the ‘Who We Are’ album. This emotional track is about healing and finding strength during difficult times. It is said that Jason Wade wrote this song while visiting a friend in the hospital, making it even more poignant. With over 50 million listens on Spotify, ‘Broken’ has touched the souls of millions.

3. Halfway Gone (2010)

The catchy, upbeat ‘Halfway Gone’ from Lifehouse’s 2010 album, ‘Smoke & Mirrors,’ lands at number three on our list. This energetic tune was co-written by Kevin Rudolf, adding a little extra flair to the band’s signature sound. ‘Halfway Gone’ became a radio hit and has racked up over 44 million listens on Spotify, proving that it’s one of fan favorites.

2. Hanging By A Moment (2000)

Just missing the top spot is Lifehouse’s breakthrough hit, ‘Hanging By A Moment.’ Released in 2000 as part of their debut album, ‘No Name Face,’ this timeless classic earned the band a Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Single of the Year. As the runner-up on our list, it’s no surprise that this iconic song has garnered over 184 million listens on Spotify.

1. You And Me (2005)

Topping our list as the ultimate Lifehouse song is ‘You And Me,’ released in 2005 on their third studio album, ‘Lifehouse.’ This tender love song has captured countless hearts, and the accompanying music video only amplified its charm. With an astounding 466 million listens on Spotify, ‘You And Me’ is undoubtedly Lifehouse’s crowning jewel. This song was featured in the popular TV show ‘Smallville,’ which further boosted its popularity.

Let’s Rewind

Their story began in a very heartfelt way. Jason Wade, the founder of the band didn’t realize the impact it would have not only in the industry but also on his life. He took on this journey based on personal experiences and found a harbor in his guitar. He went through a rough teenage period and music was his therapy. He was a maximum of 18 years-old when he had a record deal. He wasn’t pursuing fame and fortune and when he got them, it was incredible.

He talked about the beginnings to Songwriting in 2015 by saying:

“It’s really simple, I just started writing songs in my bedroom. I moved to California with my mum when I was 15 years old, started playing guitar and I went through a kind of rough teenage period with my parents splitting up, so music to me was just an outlet, it was almost like therapy. I spent a lot of time isolated in my room, I started writing all these songs and I met a producer who took me under his wing and we made a couple of demos together. Then all of a sudden I ended up shopping a deal for Dreamworks, so I was 17 or 18 years old and had a record deal. I made my first record that came out when I was 19 and ‘Hanging By A Moment’ just blew up on the charts. So it wasn’t something I was pursuing really – songwriting was a kind of necessity, as a sort of therapy, I guess.”

From heartfelt ballads to catchy, radio-friendly tunes, Lifehouse has consistently delivered music that speaks to the hearts of their fans. Our journey through their top five songs has shown us that their music is mainly based on emotional subjects which builds up a different kind of connection with their listeners.