Randy Blythe Says His 100-Year-Old Grandmother Recived The First Dose Of The Coronavirus Vaccine

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe celebrated the 100th birthday of his grandmother as he made a new announcement about the coronavirus vaccine via Instagram.

In the caption, Randy did not forget this milestone and celebrated her birthday as he talked about the difficulties of being in the pandemic and said that he couldn’t see her for a while due to the danger of the coronavirus.

Furthermore, Randy also announced that his grandmother got her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine and showed that he is looking for to meet her once again after a long time.

Additionally, Randy pointed out that he has been isolating himself from the people during these tough times because he has been caring about all people in the world, and he earned the respect of the community with this statement.

Here is what Randy Blythe wrote:

“‘My Centenarian’ 2.23.2020, Virginia. This is my grandmother. Today, Sunday January 31st, 2021, is her 100th birthday. One hundred years old! Yesterday, Grandma received the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine- my family & I cannot visit her today due to the pandemic- the people in the assisted living facility where she is are all getting vaccinated this week, & no visitors are allowed.

I took this photo the last time I was allowed to visit inside with her, the last time I could hug her, the last time I could kiss her sweet face & the last time I could tell her I love her right in her ear. It has been almost a year since then, & none of my family has touched my Grandma since that time.

I cannot tell you how much this breaks my heart. But this is reality now, & all I can do is do my best & take measures to protect myself in order to protect people like her- not just my grandma, but everyone’s grandma.”

He continued:

“Why? Because I care about these people. They are human beings. They are the living link to our past. Do not callously forget this. My Grandma lived through the Great Depression- she was raised in it. She lived through WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Civil Rights era & beyond.

She has seen so much, & I have talked to her about all of these things since I was a small child. She has known hardship & heartache that most Americans today could not fathom, & she is still here.

Now, imagine living to be 100 years old & being brushed aside as collateral damage, or ignored due to some moronic conspiracy theory. Never! Not on my watch! I love you so much, grandma! Happy 100th birthday – thank you for helping guide me in this life.”

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