Rammstein And Avenged Sevenfold Fans Should Listen To These Fake Songs

These ‘fake’ Rammstein and Avenged Sevenfold songs we’ll be telling you all about are so uncannily similar to the real thing that you might have to convince yourself it’s not really Till Lindemann or M. Shadows rocking behind the mic.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Rammstein and the Police mashup would sound like, well, Moonic Productions has brought that to life for you. The YouTuber quite recently reimagined the British rockers’ hit ‘Every Breath You Take,’ and turned the radio-friendly track into a blasting anthem featuring Lindemann-like vocals and the German act’s signature guitar and keyboard riffs.

The second honorary of our ‘uncannily similar fake songs’ list is coming from another YouTuber, Nik Nocturnal, who seems to have figured out the knack to sound like an average Avenged Sevenfold track. Unlike Moonic Productions, however, he didn’t reimagine or mashup an already existing song but simply wrote and arranged one by himself.

Nik recently posted the video, ‘My Avenged Sevenfold Song Went Viral’ on his channel, sharing the process of him composing a single called, ‘Chromatic,’ and revealing tips on how to compose like the metalheads. His guest vocalist, Justin Bonfini, also delivered spot-on vocals that might make you question whether it’s not really Shadows singing, and with Nocturnal’s guitar riffs, the fake track was ready to go.

In an age where AI-generated tracks have become a hot topic for debate, it seems that people can still have fun through mashups and spot-on impressions, as Moonic Productions and Nik Nocturnal have shown to their audiences.