Rainbow’s Tony Carey Recalls Ritchie Blackmore’s ‘Dangerous And Violent’ Cult

Former Rainbow keyboardist Tony Carey revealed whether or not he has ever had any regrets after leaving the band. During the conversation in a recently shared interview with Backstage Pass Rock News, Carey discussed his career and years with Rainbow while recalling Ritchie Blackmore’s cult.

When asked about the regret for leaving the band, he revealed that he never had any regrets, and was happy to leave instead due to his bandmate’s ‘dangerous and violent’ activities. He said:

“From their side? I think so. They had to look all over the place to get a replacement. Hell no, I was happy to get out of there. There was some crazy sh*t. There’s all these… Ritchie was in a cult thing. He was calling up, having seances with Ouija boards, and it was getting dangerous, scary, and a little bit violent, and I thought, ‘It’s time for me to go.'”

Although he doesn’t seem to have any regrets about his departure from the band, he has one regret about the aftermath. The rocker revealed:

“I don’t wanna say much more about it, it’s pretty much been documented, and I regret anything I might have said about it when I was a lot younger, but it’s nobody’s business. Call it a major personality crash. As one of the only four Rainbow members that ever… I mean it’s what, 40 of us? I think there’s been quite a series of major personality crashes over the years. So I don’t wanna get into that.”

Earlier, the rocker revealed that before he called it quits, he had already been fired twice by Blackmore, and rehired three times, again, by Blackmore. He also stated that he hadn’t seen Blackmore in 40 years and was sure to say that he would be the last person the guitarist would call.

Many years after leaving the band, he formed Over The Rainbow with three ex-Rainbow members to perform the band’s songs, which Carey also left, this time due to illness. He was then replaced by Paul Morris.

See the interview below.