Tony Iommi Thinks Geezer Butler Didn’t Want To Join Him And Ozzy Osbourne Due To Health Concerns

Many fans have questioned why Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler didn’t take the stage in Commonwealth Games along with Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne. As Iommi revealed in a recent interview with BirminghamLive, Butler might have concerns about his health.

During the 2022 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi took the stage with the saxophonist Soweto Kinch. The show amazed the audience, and names from the rock scene praised Iommi. Queen’s Brian May mentioned on his Instagram how ‘magnificent’ Iommi was at the stage and said he symbolizes the endurance of rock.

The excitement of the audience increased with the surprise participation of Ozzy Osbourne. The rocker, who has been dealing with health issues for a while, astonished everyone with his last-minute attendance at the closing ceremony on August 8. Osbourne and Iommi performed their 1970 hit song ‘Paranoid’ and took praises from the music scene.

While fans were delighted to see the pair performing together, they also talked about the absence of the bassist Geezer Butler, especially considering that Osbourne and Iommi sang ‘Paranoid,’ which the pair wrote with Butler. Recently, Iommi clarified these questions according to his inferences about Butler’s situation.

In the interview, Iommi said that he assumed Butler was concerned about the ongoing global pandemic. The rocker further revealed that the bassist had a boat accident while on holiday and cracked or broke his rib weeks ago. According to him, Butler’s health prevented him from attending the Commonwealth Games. Iommi also expressed his sadness about the rocker’s absence, pointing out they had been talking about playing together in this event for a long time.

Tony Iommi said the following about Geezer Butler not participating in the event:

“I don’t think he wanted to come over as he hadn’t been well with Covid. He’d been on holiday to Kenya and to Italy and had had an accident on a boat, cracking or breaking a rib about three weeks ago, so he was not quite in fine fettle to come over to play. It’s a shame because we’d talked for a long time about the possibility of playing at the Commonwealth Games.”

In 2017, Geezer Butler rejoined Iommi and Osbourne during the recording of ’13’ and became a part of its promotion ‘The End Tour’ with the pair. In 2018, Butler appeared publicly in Birmingham to receive a Street Walk of Stars Award as a member of the Black Sabbath.