Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Protests The Detention Of His Friend For Over 700 Days

Former Pink Floyd co-founder and bassist, Roger Waters, recently shot a video in support of his friend Steven Donziger who has been under house arrest for the past 700 days and invited his fans to a big protest in front of his house.

As you might already know, aside from one of the most famous frontmen of rock history, Waters is also known for his fierce activism. He often prefers to use his Twitter account as a platform where he can express his views on social and political matters, raise awareness, and invite his fans to join the causes that he supports.

Recently, he traveled to New York so as to show his support for his friend Steven Donziger who has been under house arrest since August 2019. On his way there, he shot a video of himself and invited his fans to join him on this important mission. The video was shared by Steven Donziger on his Twitter account.

As you may recall, the United States heard Steve Donziger’s name some years ago after the initiation of a big trial during which Donziger stood against a multinational energy corporation Chevron that dumped toxic and cancer-causing oil waste onto the ancestral lands of Ecuadorians.

Donziger won the case and help Ecuador citizens get $9.8 billion for causing such massive contamination of their native lands. Nonetheless, this came to be known as the beginning of a war as Chevron started fighting back and sued Donziger who got disbarred without even a hearing, and he has been under arrest since the summer of 2019.

The protest apparently went really well and aside from Roger Waters, the talented actress Susan Sarandon was also there to show her support. Roger’s fight for such an important cause was applauded by his fans who really appreciate the rockstar’s sensitivity towards such crucial matters.

Here’s what Donziger said about the video:

“Breaking: Friend of the Amazon and humanitarian Roger Waters speaks on the 700th day of my house arrest.

Vigil with Roger and Susan Sarandon in front of my apartment starts in a few minutes at 6 p.m. ET. Watch on my Facebook account.”

Roger Waters invited his fans to the protest using the following words:

“Good morning. I’m on my way to New York. My mate Steven Donziger has been under house arrest for 700 days today. So, tonight at 6 o’clock, we’re having a demonstration outside his apartment which is on West 104 St. of Amsterdam I believe, if my memory serves me well. I’m going to be there at 6 o’clock. Come and join us please, swell the numbers.”

You can check out Roger Waters’ video below.