Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason Picks Roger Waters’ Worst Record

Nick Mason has been there since the beginning of Pink Floyd. While members just came and went with swiftness, the drummer was a committed member of the band and is in a position to judge everything from the beginning. Having witnessed all the musicians’ talents in the band, and their dramatic relationships, he has a good view of what is good and bad for Pink Floyd. Recently, he commented on Roger Waters, a fellow band member’s solo record, and mentioned that the song ‘Amused to Death’ was the worst song of the singer.

Roger Waters took over Pink Floyd between the years 1965 – 1985, and his artistic style gave direction to the band. Syd Barrett was let go from the band in 1968, and David Gilmour joined to replace him. The band was successful, but in 1985, Waters left the band like a storm. He proceeded to approach the band with legal actions concerning the name and the material. Hence, the energy between the band members and Waters was full of friction.

Roger Waters then began to focus on his solo career and made a name for himself. Recently, Nick Mason spoke about his favorite Pink Floyd track and mentioned that the transition period from Syd to David was something he loved. Then he proceeded to talk about Roger’s solo album ‘Amused to Death.’ He stated that one of the worst songs ever is the title track ‘Amused to Death,’ which begins with the lines ‘Doctor Doctor.’

The interviewer popped the question:

“You said in 2014 that ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’ is your favorite Pink Floyd record because it’s that transition from Syd Barrett to David Gilmour. Do you still feel that way?”

Nick Mason replied:

“Yes, I do. Something like ‘Set the Controls…’ it’s really interesting, and it’s great fun to play. Also, it marks the transition from Roger’s initial song ‘Doctor Doctor,’ which is possibly one of the worst songs, sorry Roger, to playing something that’s almost my favorite drum track.”

Mason’s attitude was not hostile, and there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between the ex-band members. Although there is some friction between Waters and Gilmour still, everything that happened in the past. Yet, Mason, with his dedication to Pink Floyd, doesn’t seem to think ill of him.