Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason Explains What Made Charlie Watts Special


Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason recently posted a tweet to pay tribute to late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts who passed away at 80. In his statement, he highlighted that Watts’ remarkable talent by defining him as ‘the most underrated drummer.’

As you probably know, The Rolling Stones legendary drummer Charlie Watts underwent an unspecified medical procedure a short time before his death. Neither his family nor the band’s other members revealed any details about the surgery. According to his publicist’s statement, the drummer passed away surrounded by his family on August 24, 2021.

After his unexpected death, both his bandmates, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, bid farewell to Charlie Watts. In addition, several other rock and metal legends such as Gene Simmons, Nikki Sixx, Slash, Axl Rose, and Eric Clapton expressed their sadness through their social media posts.

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason also shared a statement on his Twitter account to honor the late drummer. He emphasized that Mason was the most underrated drummer of all time who didn’t have any masterclasses and tutorials. Mason stated that Watts made a great contribution to rock music with his unique skills and that he learned many things from his style as a drummer.

Mason’s statement read:

“So sad to lose Charlie.

Possibly the most underrated of all the great rock’n’roll drummers. No master classes or tutorial books, no solos, or fancy gymnastics, just exactly the right feel for the music.

Sometimes you’d only realize just how perfect when you came to try and emulate the part, and realize how it’s simply constructed to work far better than any of the alternative possibilities.

I’ve never heard a better version of the drum part of a Stones track than Charlie’s original… his jazz orchestra work showed him not to be restricted to an R & B rhythm section…

That’s just the playing… There’s also the recognition of possibly — no, probably – the coolest figure on stage in the history of Rock. Gallivanting all over the stage is all very well, but to limit your stage act to removing your jacket and hanging it on the back of your chair has got to be particularly Zen!

RIP Charlie. Thanks for what you’ve given to so many of us who have learned from you.

Nick Mason August 24th, 2021″

You can see the tweet below.