Phoebe Bridgers Targets Fans Who Dehumanized Her During Her ‘Lowest Point’

It is a difficult task to lead a life under the public’s gaze and tackle challenges knowing that everyone is privy to them. Though seeking public opinion can be an option, it can be an uphill battle for celebrities, especially with social and news media coverage that exposes them involuntarily, leading to negative repercussions. Recently, Phoebe Bridgers voiced her frustration in an interview with Them as her fans failed to give her any slack, even during her darkest time.

Bridgers revealed that she was subject to bullying by her fans on social media. She came to know of this from their profile pictures that had her face and showed that they were fans of her music. It was a terrible blow as this happened when she was already reeling from the loss of her father.

Bridgers said:

“I’m coming from a place of literally — I’m feeling it in my body as I’m saying it, but — people with my picture as their Twitter picture, who claims to like my music, f*cking bullied me at the airport on the way to my father’s funeral this year.”

She expressed her dissatisfaction with the internet and how it leads to people forming opinions about celebrities based on their facade, rather than on what they are truly going through. While Bridgers understood the consequences of being on social media, she never expected to be dehumanized and bullied during one of the lowest points of her life.

Bridgers continued:

“If you’re a kid, and the internet somehow taught you that that’s an okay thing to do, then, of course, I hate capitalism and everything that led you to believe that it’s okay to do that. I, at one of the lowest points of my life, saw people who claim to love me f*cking dehumanize me and shame me, and fucking bully me on the way to my dad’s wake.

It’s not like they didn’t know my dad just died. A lot of the top comments [were] like, ‘Hey, her dad just died, what are you guys doing?’ If you harass her with her face as your profile picture, I f*cking hate you, and I hope you grow the fuck up.”

The main criticism that Bridgers faced was over her photos with her boyfriend, Bo Burnham. This attack was unwarranted, as everyone has the right to live their lives as they please and deal with their pain in their way. Nonetheless, Bridgers was left heartbroken, and her fans were not helpful.