Marty Friedman On Mending Things With Dave Mustaine After Awkward Megadeth Departure

Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman shared with Metal Edge his current relationship with frontman Dave Mustaine; after his separation from the band, they resolved the weird feelings they once had and moved on to have a great relationship like in the good old days.

Marty shared that they still chat occasionally, and if there is any awkwardness around their relationship, it’s probably because of the media stories that circle about them; otherwise, they are on good terms. They must be getting along just fine since they recently reunited for a headline show at Tokyo’s Budokan to perform three songs from the guitarist’s tenure.

Regarding the future of their relationship, the guitarist is open to anything with the band, and the performance in Budokan represents where they stand as former bandmates. Friedman nods to the future of possible get-togethers, but it’s apparent he is in a great spot with everyone in the band.

Marty Friedman’s words about his relationship with Dave Mustaine read:

It’s always been great. I think if anything if there was ever any weirdness, it was probably in the minds of the people who are fans or just people who are reading media things. We chat every once in a while, and it’s always very nice. We have no, maybe at the time when I left the band, there might have been some weird feelings between us, but I think at the time, Dave understood why I left. And at the time, I understood why I put the band in a possibly rough situation. But that’s such a long time ago.”

He added:

“If something were to come up that would be a good thing for them and a good thing for me, and add value to it, then I’m all for it. As far as I’m concerned, their band is kicking so much ass right now – I can’t imagine them needing me for anything. But Budokan was wonderful. There are other things in the future. My door’s open, and we’re on great terms, and I love all the guys in the band. It’s very casual.”

For fans eagerly anticipating for the two musicians and former bandmates to get back on stage together once again, the day finally came with their performance in Budokan. Besides the recent reunion, the guitarist isn’t ruling out any future projects with Mustaine or the band.