Phil Collins’ One Regret About His Music Career

Phil Collins‘ tenure with Genesis brought both the fame and fortune that most people want to achieve with their careers in the music industry, but it also caused pain and misery to his personal life that shaped his life moving forward. After becoming one of the best-selling rock acts of all time, with over 100 million albums sold worldwide, it is hard to go back to being an ordinary person in the world, which is why in most cases, the artist work even harder to keep the praise and love for as long as they can.

The desire to be on top doubles, and before they even recognize it, they start to meddle with different substances to deal with the consequences of reputation. This was the case for Collins, as the drummer didn’t realize how bad his struggles with alcohol had gotten before it reached to a point where he could’ve died if he had continued to live that way. His actions hurt his family the most, which is why he regrets several things he did that caused distress and anxiety for his children.

Phil Collins Has So Much Remorse For His Behavior Towards His Family

In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2016, the Genesis drummer shared his most regretful actions toward his family that his music career brought on after he had found success and the pressure of keeping it up became too much. “You don’t get over it,” he said while talking about his guilt for not being around for his older kids. “When I take my younger kids to football practice or give them advice, I’m reminded I didn’t do that with my older kids.”

After a certain amount of fame, the musician lost control of his life to keep the momentum of success, and his struggles with alcohol came to a breaking point. “I didn’t know I was close to dying. If I had carried on drinking, my organs would have started shutting down,” the drummer revealed. “I also didn’t see the effect it was having on my kids. I was falling because I was mixing alcohol with pain medication.”

“One time, I was watching TV, and I got up to hug my sons. I fell, and my teeth made two marks on the tiles,” recalled Collins, revealing the unfortunate event that his children had witnessed. “There was lots of blood. I remember Matthew saying to their nanny, ‘Daddy’s fallen over!’ Putting an eight-year-old through that, it gives me chills. By the time I stopped drinking, my family had disintegrated. Within six months, they’d moved away.”

Although Collins had become dependent on alcohol, he couldn’t realize the severity of his situation. It had come to a point where the drummer couldn’t even stand up to hug his kids. He became aware of his family life after everything fell apart, yet his family had already left him and moved away. This marked the turning point for the musician as he decided to get help and become sober, not only for himself but also for his family.