Phil Collen Names The Def Leppard Song Influenced By AC/DC

In an interview with Music Radar, Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen talked about the band’s monumental album entitled ‘Hysteria.’ While reflecting on each song on the record, Collen named a particular one that AC/DC had inspired.

‘Hysteria‘ is the fourth studio album by Def Leppard, released on August 3, 1987. The record has many successful aspects, including being the band’s best-selling album to this day and selling over 20 million copies worldwide. In addition to this, it peaked at no. 1 on both US Billboard 200 and the UK Albums Chart.

The album’s creation took over three years since it saw many delays for several reasons, including drummer Rick Allen’s tragic accident that cost him his left arm. Regardless of their tough times, the band managed to get back on track and even drew inspiration from Allen’s accident to create the album’s title.

The band even published a book entitled ‘Animal Instinct: The Def Leppard Story’ about the three-year recording process of the album, which is the band’s longest to this day. The hard times the band endured during the album’s making eventually paid off upon its release. Even after so many years, ‘Hysteria’ is still considered one of the greatest rock and metal albums of all time.

During a recent interview, Phil Collen spoke about the story of every song on their successful album, including ‘Don’t Shoot Shotgun.’ The band wanted the track to have an AC/DC feeling though their original version sounded as if they were inspired by the Rolling Stones. In fact, Collen used a Telecaster on the song to achieve a Keith Richards sound, but the track eventually sounded more like AC/DC.

In addition to mentioning the inspiration behind the song, Collen also admitted the errors on ‘Don’t Shoot Shotgun.’ According to the guitarist, the band didn’t get enough time to complete the song, such as its title, which could’ve been better. Apart from that, the track has a grooving sound and an incredible verse, if you ask Collen.

About ‘Don’t Shoot Shotgun,’ Collen stated:

We wanted it to have an AC/DC feel, although originally it was kind of Stones-y. The verse is really cool, but I will say that we didn’t get enough time to finish the song off. Just subject matter-wise, you know, I think the title could have been better. The rest of it is really grooving. I tried a Telecaster on it, I was thinking ‘Keith Richards,’ but it ended up being more AC/DC.”

You can listen to ‘Don’t Shoot Shotgun’ below.