Keanu Reeves Will Be Back On Live Stage With Dogstar After 21 Years

The official Instagram page of Dogstar has sent waves of excitement through the rock music community. Their recent post announced their return to the stage, ending a hiatus that has lasted over two decades.

The band, whose members include actor Keanu Reeves, disbanded in the early 2000s after two albums and several shows. The members pursued different paths, with Reeves focusing on his acting career. However, after 21 years of silence, they reported their reunion for a live performance at the esteemed Bottlerock Napa Valley Festival.

The announcement came in the form of a poster, shared on Dogstar’s official Instagram page. The image, featuring the band members, was accompanied by an enthusiastic caption stating their addition to the festival’s 2023 lineup and expressing happiness at being back to perform as a band.

The words following the picture read:

“We’ve just been added to BottleRock! We are over the moon.

The response from fans was swift and overwhelmingly positive. The comments section of the post quickly filled up with messages of joy and anticipation. Notably, a significant number of fans expressed their hope for the band to extend their return beyond the festival, pleading for a tour.

One hopeful fan wrote:

More tour dates coming soon? If you don’t come to our city, we’re flying to you!”

Another chimed in:

“This is so cool, lucky crowd. [I] can’t wait for more shows.”

In addition to Dogstar’s much-anticipated return, Bottlerock Napa Valley Festival will feature a host of other celebrated bands. The likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Duran Duran are set to perform, and the festival is scheduled to unfold from May 26 to May 28.

Photo Credit: Dogstar – Instagram