Pete Townshend’s Controversial Comment About Keith Moon And John Entwistle’s Death

The Who currently continues only with Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend in their career after experiencing two tragic losses. On September 6, 1978, Keith Moon attended Buddy Holly’s birthday party held by Paul McCartney. When he returned to his flat, he took 32 tablets of clomethiazole and was discovered dead later that day. On the other hand, John Entwistle died on June 27, 2002, due to a heart attack induced by cocaine intake.

While you may think losing two bandmates would be traumatizing and something not many people can joke about, it happened with one of the Who members. Years after the passing of Moon and Entwistle, Pete Townshend made a controversial remark about his late fellow musicians. As a result, the musician was faced with a situation where he had to apologize for his statements.

What Did Pete Townshend Say About John Entwistle And Keith Moon?

In a 2019 interview with Rolling Stone, Pete Townshend talked about his former bandmates Keith Moon and John Entwistle. During the conversation, the reporter Stephen Rodrick showed him many pictures of the pair and asked him whether he felt nostalgic looking up those pictures.

In response, Pete Townshend made a controversial remark about his late bandmates. The musician stated that his statement would probably make the Who fans unhappy, but he thanked God they were gone. The reporter then asked the musician why he said such a thing.

Pete Townshend then stated that both Moon and Entwistle were quite difficult to play with, and they never managed to create bands for themselves. According to the musician, his musical discipline and efficiency as a rhythm player was the thing that held the Who together.

In the interview with Rolling Stone, Pete Townshend said the following about Moon and Entwistle:

“It’s not going to make Who fans very happy, but thank God they’re gone.

When asked about his reason to make such a statement, he said:

“Because they were f*cking difficult to play with. They never ever managed to create bands for themselves. I think my musical discipline, my musical efficiency as a rhythm player, held the band together.”

Following this remark, Townshend apologized for his words in a Facebook post and claimed that he was misunderstood. Although the musician argued he was being ironic with his statements, it’s without a doubt that making those remarks about his late bandmates was entirely inappropriate according to everybody.