Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard Says Rock Is Not Dying But Changing Shape

In his latest interview with VWMusic, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard expressed his thought about rock music and its unique characteristics. The musician also revealed whether the genre was dying or not by sharing some details about his perspective.

Previously, KISS bassist Gene Simmons ignited the longtime argument about rock music’s current situation, considering what was going on in the music industry. The artist said rock music is dead by sharing the reasons behind his ideas about that, and according to Simmons, it wasn’t a natural death. The bass player highlighted that streaming platforms which prevented people from buying physical records murdered the genre.

Simmons went on to say that no other musicians could succeed the bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Metallica, along with the platforms and the young artists that couldn’t afford anything with only creating music. Following his statements, many musicians such as Alice Cooper, the Kiszka brothers, Taylor Momsen, Guns N’ Roses’ Slash, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, and many more disagreed with him.

In addition, his conversation with Andrew Daly shows that Stone Gossard wasn’t on the same page with the KISS bassist following his response to the reporter’s question about rock music. The famous guitarist replied, saying that it was an evolving genre, so rock music cannot die for this reason. Gossard thought it wouldn’t be dead, but rock music will keep changing its shape, style, and other characteristics.

During the interview, Gossard shared his ideas:

“I mean, who knows, and who cares? Honestly, Pearl Jam is playing shows, and we’re having fun, so whatever we’re doing, we’re having a good time, and our fans seem to be having a good time too. I love open-ended rock music because there is no defining quality to rock music. It’s about multiple people playing music together, with whatever instruments they choose to play. Whatever it is, if it’s anything, that could be rock.

I love it. I love bands. I love collaboration. To me, the frame of ‘rock music’ can hold a lot of different pictures, and there are a lot of pictures that haven’t been made up yet in terms of how a band might sound together. With that, we don’t know what the instrumentation might be and why it would be heavy, but it could still be rock, but it might be different instruments that still that evoke that same heaviness that rock evokes, which is primal.

I think that with rock, it’s relative to the blues, which, again, is what we’re all connecting to on a fundamental level, right? So, the blues has been around for a long time, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. It’s just going to keep changing shape.

Furthermore, Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard added that he doesn’t care if rock music is dying or not because the important thing is having fun together without thinking about that. He stated that he loved bands, collaborations, other features, and rock music with its multiple sub-genres.