Paul Stanley Warns A Parody Twitter Account Who Messes With Him: ‘We Know Who You Are!’

KISS icon Paul Stanley posted a series of tweets to respond to a parody Twitter account that shares comments addressing Stanley and reveals the account owner’s identity so that they won’t be able to ‘hide in anonymity behind the internet to mock.’

KISS co-founder and frontman Paul Stanley often takes his Twitter account to show his reaction to various social and political happenings in the United States. Paul also shares new updates on the projects he has been working on as well as responding to his fans’ questions or criticism regarding his professional career and personal life.

A parody Twitter account dedicated to Paul Stanley has recently criticized Stanley for congratulating the nominees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2021 inductees. The parody account claimed that the KISS icon merely supported the nominations because he was also among the previous inductees of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They also stated that Stanley’s fans might get his side band, Soul Station, inducted as well.

In his response to the criticism of the parody account, Paul Stanley stated that he now knows the real identity of the owner of this Twitter account whom he called Tim. Stanley also mentioned that he knows their full name as well as their business and phone number.

Stanley also posted another tweet to clarify why he was threatening this person to expose their identity. Paul stated that nobody should be able to hide in anonymity behind the internet to mock or spread wrong information about people. Referring to it as the ‘coward’s way,’ Stanley warned the owner of the parody account and other people who hide their real identities to mess with people’s lives not to continue such acts from now on.

Here is what the parody account wrote in their comment under Stanley’s tweet:

“Oh so now you’re on board since you’re in? Maybe your fans will get Stool Station inducted too.”

To which Paul Stanley responded:

We know who you are Tim. We know your accounts. You can’t hide anymore. How about we post your name, your wife’s name, your business, and your phone number? 49 years old and about to have your ‘lawn’ turned upside down.”

Paul also added:

“Nobody should be able to hide in anonymity behind the internet to mock or spread untruths. It’s the coward’s way. Point made. Now let’s move on.”

You can see the tweets Paul Stanley posted on his official Twitter account below.