Paul Stanley Responds To A Fan’s Complaint About KISS 2020 Goodbye Fiasco

Maybe, after spending long, long years on stage, all that was left for KISS to do was announce a farewell tour, make another few million dollars, and, well, sail away into a peaceful life away from the spotlight. However, a pandemic soon hit, and the tour was canceled. So, a fan reached out to Paul Stanley to address the fiasco two years later, and the frontman’s response on Twitter sounded reassuring.

KISS’s timing to bid farewell to their fans with a tour in 2020 couldn’t have been worse as the pandemic prevented the band from getting on stage, and they had to postpone all their dates. Still, it was relatively easy for the band to reschedule the tour with little commercial loss and continue after the easing of the restrictions. However, a fan wasn’t all too happy with how things had gone.

They recently reached out to Paul Stanley on Twitter, asking when KISS would step up and take responsibility for the 2020 touring fiasco. The fan further stated they’d paid for the platinum package to receive merchandise and material and see them perform. However, after two years, they still hadn’t received anything, which was disappointing. Upon seeing the tweet, Stanley promised the fan he would solve it.

“I’m on it,” the frontman responded as he assured that he and his team would step up and make things right for KISS’ audience, who had paid lots of dollars to see the band live and receive merchandise. “And [I] will get to the bottom of it. Hang tight.”

So, we might only hope that Paul will stand on his promise and send their fans the products they paid for. It is undoubtedly disappointing for anyone to see that their favorite band is not fulfilling their promise, so hopefully, Stanley will solve the problem once and for all.