Paul Stanley Has A Special Plan After KISS’ Retirement

During his appearance in a recent interview by Radio Bob!, Paul Stanley has talked about Kiss’s farewell and the current plans in his head after retiring from the band.

As you probably know, Kiss has recently released a documentary titled ‘Biography: KISStory’ which celebrates their farewell tour. The band is known to be in the middle of their ongoing End Of The Road Tour, which marks the band’s final. Kiss wanted to say goodbye way before in 2021, but their plans for their last tour had blown up due to the coronavirus. So the tour postponed to 2022, and the band is now looking forward to completing it by the end of 2022.

Speaking to Radio Bob!, Paul Stanley has also talked about their farewell and claimed it is possible for a new KISS 2.0 to be formed without him and Gene Simmons, hinting the band can continue without them. Paul Stanley then mentioned his future plans, giving the clue of continuing on making music with his side project, Soul Station. He said in the Q&A that he is planning to continue and it is just a matter of when. He then added that they were recently talking about going to perform in Europe, and they are currently at the planning phase.

Answering the question of whether they will perform in Europe with the band Soul Station, Paul Stanley has said that:

That’s the plan. It’s just a matter of when. But, just yesterday, we were talking about Europe. Soul Station is an amazing band live, and the chemistry with the audience is phenomenal. So, ‘would I like to,  and will I, will we,’ that’s the plan.”

The Paul Stanley project Soul Station is known to have released their latest album ‘Now And Then’ on March 19, 2021. Considering what Stanley has said, the band seems to keep on making music with Paul Stanley by their side.