Sting Addresses The Misunderstanding In Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born In The USA’

Sting recently commented on the political misunderstanding in Bruce Springsteen‘s ‘Born in the USA’ record and stated that Springsteen loves America but perhaps not Ronald Reagan’s America.

Bruce Springsteen has always been a musician aware of the political atmosphere of his country. His songs and lyrics are often dedicated to being a proud citizen of America and encouraging people to love the country. His songs and the way he dressed and used the American flag in many formats in his visuals also contributed to his image as a faithful patriot.

His aim was not to adopt a specific political image but to reflect his love for the USA and encourage society to become socially aware. His lyrics are socially conscious and have helped people realize the individual struggles a person might be going through. His lyrics are usually realistic as they explore things that can affect everyone personally, and people needed to see that.

However, around 1984, then president and Republican Party member Ronald Reagan used Springsteen’s lyrics to ignite a rightist feeling in people. However, this was misunderstood for Springsteen’s support, although the song’s purpose was to make people aware of the injustices and not support a specific political party.

The singer addressed this in a concert and stated that the president wasn’t listening to his songs properly. He made this speech before playing ‘Johnny 99,’ a song he wrote about a fired factory worker who can’t pay his bills, so he ends up shooting someone during a robbery.

Here is what he stated about Reagan using his lyrics:

“The president was mentioning my name in his speech the other day, and I got to wondering what his favorite album of mine must’ve been. I don’t think it was the Nebraska album. I don’t think he’s been listening to this one.

Recently, Sting commented on this misunderstanding between Springsteen and Ronald Reagan. He explained that the president hadn’t properly read the lyrics. Even though he agrees that Springsteen is a patriot who loves America dearly, he sure doesn’t love Reagan’s America.

Here is what Sting said about the misunderstanding:

“Ronald Reagan hadn’t read the lyrics. At the same time, Bruce’s song is patriotic. He’s a patriot, he loves America, but, maybe not Reagan’s America.”

You can watch Sting’s full interview below.