Paul Stanley Harshly Reacts To A Twitter User Who Says ‘You Can’t Sing Your Own KISS Songs’

The co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of KISS, Paul Stanley responded to a Twitter user who criticized Stanley’s upcoming album with his side project, Soul Station, and called his follower a loser who clearly has no friends and nothing better to do than sharing ‘stupid replies’.

As you may know, KISS icon Paul Stanley has been using his social media accounts to express his personal opinions on various social and political subjects which he considers important. He also gives updates on his personal life and music career, such as the new album announcements or new projects.

Recently, Paul Stanley announced that his side project Soul Station will release their first album titled ‘Now and Then’ on March 5, 2021. Although most of his fans got excited by the latest announcement, some of them seemed not quite happy with the news. A Twitter user replied to Stanley’s tweet by claiming he can’t even sing his own KISS songs and asked how he will manage to sing other songs. His follower also added that Paul’s upcoming release would be ‘comedic gold.’

In his response to the Twitter user, Paul Stanley couldn’t hide his anger and harshly reacted to the unfair criticization of his music career. Stanley mentioned that he normally doesn’t single out ‘losers,’ yet he wanted to reply to this person who is apparently afraid of showing their face and real name. Paul stated that they probably have no friends or partners and nothing better to do than posting ridiculous replies. Stanley ended his harsh reaction by asking them to ‘fuck off.’

Here is what the Twitter user stated in their tweet:

Can’t sing your own Kiss songs and your gonna tackle Motown? This will be comedic gold.”

Here’s how Paul Stanley showed his reaction:

“Normally I Don’t Single Out Losers But you who are afraid to show your face or name clearly have no friends, no girlfriend & nothing better to do than post stupid replies daily. Does mom know? What have you done or accomplished other than successfully being an idiot? Now fuck off

You can see the tweet Paul Stanley posted on his Twitter account below.