Brian May Responds To Transphobia Criticism, ‘I Was Ambushed’


Queen lead guitarist Brian May recently shared a post on his official Instagram account and said he was misunderstood about his words on trans people in his recent interview.

The Brit Awards, being the most prestigious music awards ceremony in the UK, announced that they will have gender-neutral categories starting from 2022. They decided to remove the gendered categories, separated as female and male artists. In 2021, the non-binary musician Sam Smith was excluded from the gendered categories, and there was a hot debate about the inclusiveness of the ceremony.

In his interview on the Mirror, Queen legend Brian May also shared his thoughts on the decision of the Brit Awards. May stated that trying to be inclusive in everything doesn’t seem right to him. He said that nobody cared much about one’s color or sexuality in the past, but now people are forced to be more cautious about these topics. He also revealed that Queen would be criticized today for not being diverse enough.

Here are May’s comments on the decision of the Brit Awards:

“For instance, Freddie came from Zanzibar, he wasn’t British, he wasn’t white as such – nobody cares, nobody ever, ever discussed it. He was a musician, he was our friend, he was our brother. We didn’t have to stop and think: ‘Ooh, now, should we work with him?

Is he the right colour? Is he the right sexual proclivity?’ None of that happened, and now I find it frightening that you have to be so calculating about everything. We would be forced to have people of different colours and different sexes and we would have to have a trans. You know life doesn’t have to be like that. We can be separate and different.”

After this interview, Brian May was the subject of criticism as the discussion on gender issues is a  sensitive topic nowadays. In his Instagram post, May told that he was ‘ambushed’ and the press twisted his words. He also apologized to everyone he hurt with his words and explained that he respects all people of different colors or sexualities.

May’s Instagram post read:

“Yes – I was ambushed and completely stitched up by a journalist at the recent ITV event. And it’s led to a whole mess of press stories making it look like I’m unfriendly to trans people. Nothing could be further from the truth. My words were subtly twisted. I should have known better than to talk to those predatory Press hacks.

Sincere apologies to anyone who has been hurt by the stories. My heart is open as always to humans of all colours, all creeds, all sexes and sexualities, all shapes and sizes – and all creatures. We all deserve respect and an equal place in this world. And my grateful thanks to all of you who stepped up to defend me in the last couple of days. It means so much that you have faith in me.”

He also didn’t forget to thank the ones who showed their support to him against the criticisms. May probably didn’t want to offend anyone on purpose, but he was just concerned whether the woke culture and the cancel culture has gone too far.