Paul Stanley Defends Naomi Osaka Against Megyn Kelly Attacking Her For Appearing On A Magazine Cover


A lot of celebrities and rockstars such as Gene Simmons and Flea tweeted that they support Naomi Osaka on her decision not to do press because it affects her mental health negatively. This time, Paul Stanley stood up for Osaka against Megyn Kelly who was mocking her mental health problems.

Naomi Osaka posted a tweet on May 27, 2021, announcing that she does not want to do press and that she is aware she will be fined. She received a lot of support but she also faced criticism. Recently another criticism was made by Megyn Kelly after the release of a Sports Illustrated issue in which Osaka was on the cover.

Osaka wanted to explain herself, so she stated that the magazine cover photo shoot was done a year ago before her problems with the press emerged, and then she blocked Kelly. Kelly, however, continued her attack and making fun of Osaka by underestimating what she might be going through.

She stated:

“Poor Naomi Osaka blocked me while taking a shot at me (guess she’s only tough on the courts). She is apparently arguing that she shot her many covers before publicly claiming she was too socially anxious to deal with the press. Truth is she just doesn’t like Qs she can’t control. Admit it.”

This time, KISS singer Paul Stanley showed his support for Naomi Osaka and shamed Megyn Kelly for her cruel comments. He posted a tweet about how everyone should be supportive of anyone that is struggling through something, setting an example for how people should show sensitivity towards others’ issues.

He said:

“Anyone brave and strong enough to seek help for their struggles whether physical or psychological should be commended, supported, and applauded. It’s vile that Megyn Kelly clearly finds joy mocking and ridiculing rather than extending an open hand. Shame on you.”

With his tweet, Stanley showed his fans an example of a supportive and unjudgemental person. His fans appreciated him standing up for Osaka and all the other people who are also struggling with mental health issues.

You can see his tweet below.