Paul Stanley Addresses His Professional Relationship With Gene Simmons

KISS lead singer Paul Stanley recently spoke to Louder Sound and recalled the times when they composed the band’s debut studio album. Also, he talked about whether he liked to work with Gene Simmons during the album’s creation process.

As you probably know, KISS’ predecessor was a local band named Wicked Lester, which Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons founded. However, both Simmons and Stanley wanted to change their usual styles and decided to form a new band, KISS, in collaboration with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. The brand new band’s extraordinary style drew a lot of attention.

Then, KISS released their self-titled debut studio album on February 18, 1974. The album became very popular and commercially successful and was certified gold. Most of the tracks, such as ‘Strutter,’ ‘Nothin’ to Lose,’ and ‘Firehouse,’ were written by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, and their passion for creating music was apparent.

During his interview, Paul Stanley recalled the first KISS album’s creation process saying that he aimed to achieve his biggest childhood dream by becoming a famous and successful musician. Also, he highlighted the harmony between him and Gene Simmons while working on the album’s songs. It seems like the reason they were so creative and productive was thanks to this chemistry.

Paul Stanley said in his interview that:

“At the point we were writing the songs that ended up on the first KISS album, I was driving a New York City cab. I was a kid with a big dream, an incredible love for rock‘n’roll, and an unstoppable desire to become successful and make music my life. It was already my life, but it wasn’t paying the bills.

We rehearsed five nights a week at 10 East 23rd Street. It wasn’t unusual for us to write a song each night. Gene and I worked very well together: our chemistry was incredibly productive and very exciting. We were on a streak, and in that period, we wrote ‘Strutter’ and ‘Deuce’ and ‘100,000 Years,’ virtually everything on the first album.”

Furthermore, Paul Stanley explained that the main reason behind their debut album’s success was that he and Simmons consider music their greatest passion, and there is great harmony between them.