Paul Simon Recalls Criticizing Woody Allen’s Script While Playing In ‘Annie Hall’

Paul Simon has recently spoken to Independent about politics, Seamus Heaney, and also mentioned Woody Allen‘s ‘Annie Hall’. Appearing in the movie as ‘Tony Lacey’, a record producer. He recalled making changes in the script and explaining his character, he said:

“That was okay. Woody let me do what I want. He gave me a script and I was supposed to play this character, kind of a record producer. I said to him: ‘You know he really wouldn’t have said this – what you wrote’.”

According to Simon, Woody Allen didn’t seem to mind it. He explained further:

“Woody said: ‘Well, just say whatever you say but make sure at the end of it you get in the word ‘mellow’, because I have a joke that comes from ‘mellow’. And speak quickly’. That was fine. I only did two days.”

‘Annie Hall’ won four Oscars and numerous other awards, none of which was for Simon. Though he didn’t win any awards for his acting, he won 12 Grammy Awards and two Brit Awards for his music.

Maintaining his music career since 1965, the singer recently released a new album, ‘Seven Psalms’. The album has only a single piece, containing seven interlinked songs, which Simon said is ‘meant to be listened to as one 33-minute piece of work’. You can listen to the album down below.