Paul Rodgers On Brian May’s Scary Stage Accident, ‘He Fell Down The Pit’

During a new interview with Louder Sound, Paul Rodgers recently looked back on his time with Queen and shared a stage accident Brian May has been through.

In 2004, the Bad Company rocker took place with Queen under the title Queen + Paul Rodgers, and the collaboration lasted for five years. During their time together, the band even covered some of the Bad Company songs. In one of their shows, May had an accident on stage, scaring the Bad Company frontman.

The Brian May Accident

In the interview, Rodgers said his time with Queen was a good time, and they knew how to put on a show. Moreover, it seems that the band was a fan of Bad Company, thus wanting to cover the band’s songs on stage. When the interviewer asked in what way the band knew how to put on a show, the rocker told to story of Brian May’s accident.

Apparently, whenever it was time for the Bad Company songs, the band changed the setup of the stage and included more things- including a piano. Rodgers explained:

“We used to do Bad Company with a lot of smoke and lights and me at a piano coming up on a riser from under the stage – all very dramatic. One night, I was playing away and realized the piano hadn’t reached the top of the stage.”

He then revealed what happened to May and expressed his worry:

“Instead, Brian had fallen down the pit and landed on top of the piano, but like a trooper, with his guitar neck unbroken and still in tune. The roadies jumped into the pit and dragged Brian out. I’m sat there thinking, ‘What the f*ck do I do now?'”

Rodgers’ Thoughts On Adam Lambert

After five years, the Queen guitarist announced that their collaboration with Rodgers was never permanent, for which Rodgers said that the partnership was similar to his arrangement with Jimmy Page and that it was a success.

The rocker still left a door open for possible collaborations, which was later filled by the current frontman, Adam Lambert. Rodgers shared his thoughts on Lambert with the following:

“I haven’t checked him out too much, but from what I’ve seen, I think he’s a good match. I think he’s what they need. When I became a part of Queen I had a lot of respect for Freddie, but when I left I had even more, because I now know what he went through.”

Since his departure from the collaboration, Rodgers worked with many other rockers and was eventually back to touring with Bad Company. After his latest solo tour in 2017, the rocker is sure that he won’t tour again despite the new album and said that he’s in peace.

Rodgers released a new solo album last month titled ‘Midnight Rose,’ marking the first solo album with completely original material in 24 years.

Below, you can listen to Rodgers’ solo album.