Paul McCartney’s Brother Mike Recalls His Band With John Lennon Before The Beatles


Paul McCartney‘s brother Mike talked about a memory with the band Quarrymen, including Paul and John Lennon, before the Beatles were formed.

Quarrymen, founded by John Lennon in Liverpool in 1956, was a skiffle rock and roll band that would turn into The Beatles in the following years. At parties, cinemas, amateur skiffle competitions, and school dances, the group played until Paul McCartney joined the band.

After the attendance of Paul McCartney and George Harrison, they created the amateur recording of the song entitled ‘In Spite of All the Danger,‘ written by Paul and George. Later on, the band had a new style under the name of ‘The Beatles.’ In 1997, the original members of Quarrymen performed together for the garden fete.

In a recent conversation, Paul McCartney’s brother Mike recalled the memory of him playing drums for the Quarrymen members. Mike stated that Paul was in this group with John Lennon before establishing The Beatles. He talked about how a member of Quarrymen made him remind that Mike had played drums for them before.

However, he did not remember because his arm was injured. As Mike mentioned in the conversation, he could not be the band’s drummer because of his weak arm. Paul learned drums by playing his drum set, and Ringo eventually became the band’s well-known drummer.

Mike McCartney talked about the memory:

“Our kid was first in a group with John called Quarrymen, and apparently, I’d forgotten the set of drums fell off the back of a lorry, as we say in Liverpool, and landed up in our house. So I was learning drums, and one of the Quarrymen came back and said, ‘I remember you’re coming down the house, and it was great when you played drums for us.’ I said, ‘Did I?’ I’d totally forgotten.

But then I realized why I forgot. It’s because I broke my arm in a scout camp, and this hand dropped. It was dead, paralyzed. So it took several years to get it back, and at that time, those drums that I was learning on, first of all, my brother, no wonder the drums on the band on the road are good. That’s where he learned it from my drums. But I couldn’t play anything then. So I’d forgotten that I was even the drummer, and Ringo got the job.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.