Paul McCartney’s Beatles Hit That Didn’t Need John Lennon

During those last challenging years of the Beatles, John Lennon had grown a habit that probably disturbed his bandmate and the studio crew. The rocker often appeared at recording sessions late, and when he was last to arrive, he would pretend he was there on time while calmly picking a chair and taking a seat.

Perhaps, his antics annoyed many in the studio, but he was John, after all, and it was impossible to imagine the band without him. So, during one faithful session where Lennon was fashionably late, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr decided to jam a little to see if anything worthy would come to them.

Even though they were masters at disguise and not showing anyone they were stressed, the deadline to record their next album was approaching, and they didn’t have much on hand. They could at least play while waiting for John to arrive, and unknown to them at the time, Paul’s somewhat random jamming would produce one of the most iconic tracks of the band’s discography.

The sessions were recorded by video footage, which showed a rather bored Starr and Harrison sitting by the drum kit while McCartney plugged into the amplifiers, making a few jokingly snides about Lennon ‘being late again.’ Paul then sits and starts to play a few chords randomly. However, it was evident that they weren’t random at all, and the rocker had something new in mind.

It was known that the Beatles often composed melodies and then wrote the lyrics; McCartney’s session also started with him humming nonsense while structuring the tune with his guitar. Harrison accompanied him for a while for a few chords, and as seconds passed, Paul had created a proper and consistent melody.

The singer continued to play it on his own after George stopped, and in only two minutes, Paul had composed a chart-topping track, the iconic, ‘Get Back.’ It showed how a musical genius might go days without ideas only to pour out catchy and powerful melodies in minutes.

John Lennon, who only arrived when Paul McCartney was playing the last seconds of ‘Get Back,’ calmly took a seat, grabbed his guitar, and started to jam out in sync. He was able to catch up with McCartney’s melody quickly, which proved that even though the Beatles were on the brink of falling apart, their musical bond was as strong as ever, and Lennon didn’t need to ask for anything to get Paul’s melody.

So, McCartney brilliantly composed ‘Get Back’ in only minutes while Lennon wasn’t there, showing the audience that the Beatles’ muses were there to help them out whenever they needed inspiration. It had taken only a few moments for Paul to create a hit melody, and it even took less for John to pick up on it and play in harmony with his friend.