Paris Jackson Reveals Her Matching Tattoos With Ex-Girlfriend Cara Delevingne After Joining Oscars Party Together

Michael Jackson‘s daughter, also a musician herself Paris Jackson shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing a picture with model Cara Delevingne and apparently, the two attended the Oscars 2021 afterparty together, furthermore, got matching tattoos beforehand, igniting a relationship rumor once again.

As some of you might recall, Paris Jackson and top model Cara Delevingne once caught on cameras while kissing three years ago which started the first rumors about them being a couple. However, it was reported back in the day that they have a flirty friendship rather than dating or being in a relationship.

Regardless of these statements, fans have always considered them as a couple back then since both Jackson and Delevingne kept sharing pictures of each other on their official social media accounts. As time went by, the allegations almost stopped thinking that the two separated their ways, until a recently revealed picture.

Paris Jackson shared a picture on her official Instagram page with Cara Delevingne from an Oscars 2021 afterparty and the two sparked romance rumors once again after leaving the afterparty together. Right before attending the party, the alleged couple even got matching tattoos of tiny red roses which were revealed through their Instagram stories.

Here is what Jackson said in the caption section:

“painting by Tracee gentry Matthews”

You can see the Instagram post and story below.

Photo Credit: Paris Jackson – Instagram Page
Photo Credit: Paris Jackson – Instagram Stories