Papa Roach Singer Jacoby Shaddix Tells Why He Started To Use Marijuana Again

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix opened up about how the coronavirus pandemic affected him during an interview with Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, and apparently, the singer started smoking weed again in order to feel numb years after being sober.

As many of you might know, Papa Roach lead singer has had problems with alcohol and drug abuse, however, managed to clean himself away from his addiction and he has been sober since 2012. Shaddix once even revealed he was suicidal before getting clean nearly ten years ago.

It’s clear that the coronavirus pandemic had an awful effect on everybody due to the lockdowns that practically prisoned people into their homes for their safety, however, it also triggered many addictions and increased the suicide rate unexpectedly. During a recent interview, the successful frontman revealed that he relapsed and started smoking marijuana again, revealing how the coronavirus may affect somebody’s state of mind.

Here is what Papa Roach frontman said:

“It was nice to spend some time with my family, to be completely honest. But then, after a while, it started to wear on me, man, and it started to fuck with my head a bit. I’ve had my struggles with sobriety throughout the years, and I fell back into smoking weed and fell off the wagon on my program. I didn’t go back to drinking, but I was just trying to numb myself ’cause I guess I had too much time on my hands, to be completely honest. And I had to put a stop to that and restart my sobriety. That’s kind of been a little bit of a challenge, but sometimes you get shaken up and it puts things back in perspective. So getting creative was one of those forces that really gave me a sense of purpose outside of being a father and a husband — just exercising this creative element of my life.”

In addition to being honest about his addiction, Jacoby Shaddix opened up about the main reason why he went back to using marijuana and stated that his world shrank all of a sudden and he felt quite disconnected from the world, therefore, he wanted to separate himself from the world as well by smoking weed.

Shaddix also drew attention to the rising rates of suicide cases and the teenagers who are struggling to get on with their lives just because they are disconnected and separated from the social life they had. He also stressed the importance of having a community and revealed that’s the reason why he loves the rock and roll community he has.

Here is what Jacoby said:

My world just got real small. I felt disconnected. And there’s a lot to be grateful for here in my home; I’ve got an amazing wife and great children. But when a man like myself sits around with idle hands, that’s the devil’s playground. And I just kind of wanted to numb myself a little bit. For some people, smoking doesn’t affect them as it affects me. Any time I put any type of mind-altering substance in my body, it really just separates me from God, it separates me from being a part of the world, it separates me from my best self. It’s just one of those things that I know where the magic lies, and it’s when I have a clear head and a clear mind, and a focused spirit. I can go by, I guess, useful in the world, and I can go be part of, and not be so disconnected.”

He added:

“A lot of people have been struggling throughout this COVID and being locked up in their homes. You hear about teenagers struggling. I hate to say it, suicide is on the rise, and that’s just terrible. We’re not meant, as humans, I believe, to be separated; we need each other, we need community, we need that element of family and interconnectedness amongst our community, and that’s what I get from the rock and roll community. It makes me feel part of something bigger than myself, and when that’s torn away from my life, it’s like a large part of myself is not there.”

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