Ozzy Osbourne’s Fear About His Solo Career

Imagine a character, a Prince of Darkness, who is a fearless being, embracing the shadows and all the mysterious ways of the night. He is not afraid of the light, but rather, he sees it as a mere inconvenience. He is known for his devil-may-care attitude and his dark sense of humor.

He is often found lounging on his throne made of bones, sipping on a goblet of blood, and laughing at the mere mortals who quiver in fear at the mere mention of his name. He is the ruler of all things spooky and macabre, and wears that title with pride. Can he have any fears at all?

One might assume that fear is not something he, the ruler of all things shadowy and sinister, would know anything about. But alas, even the Prince of Darkness is not immune to the occasional bout of fear. And when it comes to the world of heavy metal, one name stands out above the rest: Ozzy Osbourne. Excuse our exaggerated intro, but it was fun to imagine Ozzy Osbourne on such a throne for three seconds, admit it.

His image as a rockstar, who has lived a life of excess and rebellion, makes it hard for one to believe that he could have any fears. But, according to an interview in 2011 with Billboard, he has. You might think the Prince of Darkness likes to be alone, but no, his fear was related to starting his solo career in the early ’80s. He was afraid of sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Of course, I was,” the vocalist revealed when asked whether he had any hesitations while starting a solo career. “I’d never been in the driver’s seat in my life. I was just the singer with Black Sabbath. I was just a drunk. I was f*cked up all the time. But the early days were a lot of fun. I had everything to gain and nothing to lose. Randy would just sit in a corner playing his guitar all day long, and me and the rest of the guys, we were just getting f*cked up, you know?”

Throughout his solo career, he has demonstrated a unique ability to captivate audiences with his powerful voice and electrifying stage presence. So, Osbourne’s fears about being solo on stage were unfounded. He was born to be a star. Thus, all he had to do was just embrace the darkness within and give us those beautiful songs, as he truly did.