David Crosby Names The Best Song On His Upcoming Album Written By His Son James

In a tweet that he posted as a response to a fan, David Crosby has revealed the name of the song he is collaborating with his son, James Raynold, on his upcoming album ‘For Free’ and called the song the best one of all.

As you might know, the singer-songwriter and renowned musician David Crosby had released his last album ‘Here If You Listen’ in 2018. Apart from that, he had only released six solo studio albums during his career. He was also affected by the pandemic conditions deeply and recently decided to sell his entire musical catalog to make up for the financial loss.

Moreover, Crosby has announced a new record called ‘For Free’ which is going to be released just before his 80th birthday, on July 23. The album includes collaborations with Michael McDonald, Donald Fagen, Sarah Jarosz, and his son and bandmate James Raymond. This month, he released a music video for the single ‘River Rise’ from the LP which was also co-written by his son and Michael McDonald. Apart from writing songs for the upcoming album, his son James Raymond also appeared as the producer of the record.

Recently, one of the fans asked Crosby on Twitter that when the album will be released and how many songs he and his son James have collaborated on in the album. Crosby answered this question with his tweet saying that he thinks it will be released on July 23, and there are several songs with James’ appearance. He added that James wrote the best song in the album himself which was named ‘I Won’t Stay For Long.’

The fan asked Crosby that:

“Any new news on the release date of ‘For Free’? I and a few million others are biting at the bit. How many songs are collaborations with your son James?”

Crosby then answered:

“They are saying July. Saying 23rd I think. I am on pins and needles. Several with James… He wrote the best song on the record by himself. It’s called ‘I Won’t Stay for Long.'”

You can see the tweets below.