Ozzy Osbourne Says He Didn’t Imagine His Daughter Having A Relationship With Sid Wilson

Ozzy Osbourne recently joined an interview with Classic Rock and revealed his thoughts on his daughter Kelly Osbourne‘s ongoing relationship with Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson.

Kelly Osbourne met Slipknot’s Sid Wilson at 1999’s Ozzfest, and the two quickly became close friends. Slipknot was getting ready to release their self-titled debut album then, and Ozzy’s Ozzfest helped them reach a vast audience. It appears like the festival also helped Kelly find her soulmate and marked the beginning of a 23-year friendship.

Throughout the years, Kelly and Sid stood by each other’s side and spent time together as friends. However, the two were pretty close in the pictures they posted online. This caused rumors about a possible relationship between them. On Sid’s 45th birthday on January 20, Kelly Osbourne posted a birthday message for him and confirmed that they were in a romantic relationship.

Kelly Osbourne was struggling with addiction and had previously stated that she would stop using substances when she got pregnant. In May, Kelly gave the fantastic news: she was pregnant. She then said her pregnancy was the reason for her absence on social media while posting the baby’s picture on her Instagram. Fans celebrated the news and congratulated the couple.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Ozzy Osbourne stated that his daughter Kelly’s pregnancy was going great. The Prince Of Darkness then admitted that he couldn’t imagine Sid Wilson would become a family member when he took Slipknot on their first extensive tour at 1999’s Ozzfest. Moreover, he made it clear that his daughter can love anyone she wants, and she loves Sid very much.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne told Classic Rock about his daughter Kelly Osbourne:

“Kelly is doing great. Did I imagine Sid would become family when I took Slipknot on their first big tour in 1999? Of course not; I’d no f*cking idea. But Kelly can love who she wants, and she loves him dearly.”

In September, Sid Wilson also reflected on his relationship with Kelly Osbourne. He stated that he wasn’t bothered by the media attention after the pregnancy news. After that, Wilson added he loved Kelly to death, and it seems like the couple is looking forward to welcoming their baby.