Ozzy Osbourne Says Geezer Butler Thought Jimi Hendrix Was ‘Crap’


Ozzy Osbourne recently spoke to Rolling Stone magazine and recalled the time he and Geezer Butler listened to Jimi Hendrix live.

Osbourne has a long history with Geezer Butler, and since they have spent a long time together, it can be assumed that the two have lesser-known memories about each other’s personal lives and careers. According to a recent interview, one of these memories was related to Butler’s unexpected first impression of Jimi Hendrix.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the Prince of Darkness shared a memory involving his former bandmate and long-time friend Geezer Butler from the founding years of Black Sabbath. Guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix’s short musical career also coincided with the early stages of Butler and Osbourne playing together on the music scene. During the conversation, Osbourne remembered when they listened to Jimi Hendrix live in the summer of 1968.

He said that when they heard Jimi Hendrix for the first time, he found him very good. However, Geezer disagreed with him, and he called Hendrix’s live performance ‘crap.’ Osbourne humorously evaluated this comment and said he must have been using a different drug than him. He also stated that they were at a very early age when they listened to this live performance.

Osbourne recalled when they listened to Jimi Hendrix with Geezer Butler as follows:

“I seem to remember Jimi was great, but Geezer Butler said he was crapI don’t know, mate. I think he was taking a different drug than me, but we were only kids.”

The Prince of Darkness and Butler last reunited for Black Sabbath in 2016 and played together again on the ‘The End’ tour. At the 2022 Commonwealth Games performances, Geezer did not join his former bandmates, Osbourne and Iommi, due to concerns about his health. Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne played Paranoid from the second album of Sabbath during the closing ceremony.