Ozzy Osbourne Makes His TV Comeback After A 5-Year Hiatus

Ozzy Osbourne and the rest of the Osbourne family are back with the second season of ‘The Osbournes.’ After a five-year hiatus from the public eye, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have decided to revive their podcast with the assistance of their children, Kelly and Jack Osbourne.

The first episode of the second season is set to be released on September 12. The couple shared the news on their Instagram with the snippets of the first episode. Ozzy wrote in the description of his post:

“Reunited and it feels so good. The Osbournes Family is back together after 5 long years. Prepare for debauchery. Head to the link in bio and subscribe to our YouTube while we wait for the madness to begin on September 12th.”

Sharon shared a video explanation with the clips of the podcast. She shared in the video:

“Hi everyone, I’m Sharon Osbourne. I’ve got some huge news for you. The Osbournes are coming back with our own podcast. I’m over-opinionated, I’m a loose cannon. Tune into The Osbournes podcast every Tuesday. You can go on YouTube, or wherever you get your podcast, we’ll be there. Bigger, better, louder, lots of swearing and things, talking about other people, you know, all the sh*t we like.”

The new episode will have 20 episodes and will be available in both audio and video formats, planned to discuss ‘everything from romance to true crime.’

The oldest of the three children, Aimee, will not be a part of the podcast, with her mom stating that she wants to be away from the public eye while also working on her music career.

See the trailer for the second season below.