Gavin Rossdale Says It’s Fun To Be Around Alice In Chains

Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale recently sat down with Q102 Springfield’s Rock Station for an interview and stated that it is pleasant to be with Alice In Chains on their ongoing tour.

The English band, Bush, was lucky enough to achieve commercial success with their debut album, ‘Sixteen Stone,’ released in 1994. Although the record was successful in the US and worldwide, it didn’t bring the band that much popularity in their home country. Following the debut album, Bush released eight more studio albums, 2020’s ‘The Kingdom’ being the latest.

The band’s ninth full-length album, ‘The Art Of Survival,’ is set to be released on October 7, 2022. Bush is currently hitting the road as a special guest in the US tour co-headlined by Alice In Chains and Breaking Benjamin. While the tour kicked off on August 10 in Burgettstown, it will wrap up on October 8 in Mansfield, Massachusetts. In a recent interview, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale reflected on how the tour has been going.

The singer said it was incredible to be involved in such a memorable tour with such important names. According to Rossdale, it is fun to be there, especially around Alice In Chains. Although he’s known the band’s guitarist Jerry Cantrell for a long time, Gavin didn’t have a chance to spend so much time with him before. So, they have now gotten the opportunity to form a closer friendship. The rocker also said he feels like the ‘baby band’ since they open the show and play early in the sun, but he is not complaining about it.

Gavin Rossdale speaking on touring with Alice In Chains:

“It is going good. It is amazing. I feel like the baby band; we play early, we open the show, but there is also Thunderpussy playing. They are a great band. It is really fun to be around Alice In Chains, a legendary band. I’ve known Jerry a long time but never spent so much time with him. So, that’s always fun; you can form better friendships or cement friendships like that.

It just feels like a festival because people come early to watch us. There are a lot of people watching the first band, then we play early, and they stay all the way through. We don’t get to play in the light; we get to play in the scorching sun. I’ve done it for a long time, it is brutal, yet there is something magical about it as well.”

You can watch the full interview below.